• How To Make A Killer First Impression on LinkedIn Blog Graphic_Square

    LinkedIn Profile Tips: How To Make A Killer First Impression

    With more than 706+ million members across 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is the world’s #1 platform for lead generation, and with 4 out of 5 decision makers there is massive business potential! About 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to reach out to potential job candidates regularly. Marketers on the other hand have found […]


  • 5 Reasons Why Remote Work Attracts & Retains Top Talent

    5 Reasons Why Remote Work Helps To Attract & Retain Top Talent

    This article is a collaboration between Make the Leap Digital & Remoter as a result of their research into how remote work attracts & retains top talent. Originally posted on DailyRemote. In Laurel Farrer’s ‘Remote Working – Is it a Trend?’, she cites that remote work is no longer a ‘perk’, ‘lifestyle’, or ‘policy’; over […]


  • How to get started with social selling on LinkedIn

    How To Get Started With Social Selling On LinkedIn For Small Business

    Do you also love those cold messages – or better yet, calls – where sales people send a generic template with an obvious sales pitch? Me neither.  My first job was as a call agent at a callcenter where I needed to cold call between 100 – 200 random numbers every single day, often with […]


  • LinkedIn Open For Business Blog

    Getting Started With LinkedIn Open For Business: A Step-By-Step Guide

    LinkedIn launched a new feature called “Open for Business” and it may be the most exciting feature for freelancers and small business owners to date! Open For Business allows service-based freelancers and small business owners to “network and connect with members looking for the services they offer, and it allows service providers to reach potential clients”. In other […]


  • Top 5 benefits of LinkedIn for small business owners and solopreneurs

    Top 5 Benefits Of LinkedIn For Business Owners And Solopreneurs

    Did you know that LinkedIn currently has more than 706+ million members worldwide, and it’s growing fast with 2 new members per second? More importantly, LinkedIn is the #1 most powerful platform for B2B lead generation₁ with 4 out of 5 members driving business decisions. This is HUGE!  In other words, if you want to reach high-income professionals and […]


  • Personal branding on LinkedIn.png

    Personal Branding On LinkedIn: 3 Tips For Small Business Owners

    In the past few years, LinkedIn has changed dramatically from a “jobseeker” platform to a powerful online networking platform helping people connect to their dream business opportunities— whether you’re looking for a new job, clients, PR opportunities, speaking engagements or more. “Over the last 18 to 24 months it’s been remarkable how much opportunity there […]


  • 9 Things I Am Most Grateful For Since I Quit My Corporate Job

    9 Things I Am Most Grateful For Since I Quit My Corporate Job

    Earlier this year, I quit my corporate job at one of the largest tech companies to explore the world of remote work. It was my first job after my studies, and I had no solid back-up plan of what I was going to do next – I literally made the leap into the unknown. Nine months have passed […]


  • 4 Common Remote Work Challenges And How To Overcome Them

    4 Common Remote Work Challenges And How To Overcome Them

    Let’s be honest: working remote is not always rainbows and unicorns. While you might have the freedom and flexibility to work from the comfort of your own home, a cozy cafe or a pool side bean bag in Bali (true story), at the same time you might have to battle bad Wi-Fi, fix a laptop […]


  • The Traditional 9-to-5 Office Job Doesn't Make Sense Anymore - Here's Why

    The Traditional 9-to-5 Office Job Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore – Here’s Why

    If you’ve followed along in this weekly series, you’ve probably clocked the rise about the growth in remote working (or “location-independence”, “digital nomads”), as increasingly, people opt to work flexibly from their laptops from the comfort of their own house or shared office spaces across the globe. In fact, the World Economic Forum cited “remote […]


  • The Biggest Skills Gap According to Jeff Weiner – And How Remote Work Helps

    The Biggest Skills Gap According to Jeff Weiner – And How Remote Work Helps

    Almost 90 percent (89%) of Millennials and Gen Z professionals feel that skills are more important than job titles, and for good reason —with AI becoming increasingly powerful in today’s economy, professionals will need to gain relevant skills for the jobs of tomorrow. But what kind of skills are relevant? LinkedIn’s Economic Graph aims to solve this question by […]