LinkedIn™ For Small Business Owners And Solopreneurs

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I guess that if you’re here…

You’ve heard the rumors about the massive business potential hidden in the world’s largest professional network but you feel a bit overwhelmed to get started…

You’re ready to get rid of your way-too-old jobseeker profile and you want to build a powerful online professional brand instead…

You’re tired of figuring things out by yourself and you want a proven strategy to attract your dream clients, skyrocket your visibility, and drive high-quality leads…

Well, you’re just in the right place!

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LinkedIn™ Power Hour
(1-on-1 Session)

Are you just getting started on LinkedIn? In this 60-minute, online 1-on-1 session we will deep-dive into your current LinkedIn™ profile and my 10-step profile blueprint with personalized feedback and recommendations to make sure you’re set up for success on LinkedIn!

Who: service-based freelancers, coaches, consultants, online business owners, job seekers, and professionals.

LinkedIn™ Business Bootcamp
(4-Week Online Course)

Want to take your LinkedIn strategy to the next level? The LinkedIn Business Bootcamp is a 4-week online course to establish yourself as a thought leader, strategically grow your online network, skyrocket your visibility, and find + attract your dream clients in a fun and measurable way!

Who: service-based freelancers, coaches, consultants, and (aspiring) online business owners.

Currently in pre-sale. Official launch date TBA.

The Self Made CEO - Mandy

LinkedIn™ Business Consulting + Corporate Training (Online)

Need more in-depth support in regards to LinkedIn? Book a free strategy call to discuss a 1-on-1 consulting program, interactive workshop, or keynote presentation tailored to your level and business needs.

Who: service-based freelancers, coaches, consultants, (online) business owners, SMB’s, universities and more.

Investment starting from $497 — book a call to request a quote.

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Have we met?

Mandy Fransz (29) is a LinkedIn expert, Remote Work Advocate and Business Strategist helping purpose-driven solopreneurs and small business owners around the globe to digitally transform the way they work.

A former LinkedIn employee, she founded Make the Leap Digital from a tropical co-working space in Bali and has helped clients across 15+ countries ever since from the comfort of her 11-inch laptop while she manages one of the fastest-growing groups on LinkedIn with 60K+ members.

Mandy is a sought-after thought leader by companies including LinkedIn, Prezi, and Deloitte. In 2019, Mandy was nominated one of the most inspiring and ambitious women entrepreneurs in The Netherlands by VIVA400 and she has been featured in Thrive Global, AD Rotterdam, & LINDA.

What They Said

  • In one word: Awesome. […] when I wasn’t even half-way the list Mandy sent me to check and adjust on my profile, I had a lot more engagement on my profile. With one post I closed two new corporate clients and another post three new coaching clients.

    Annelies V., Stress & Burnout Coach, eMerge Coaching
  • Mandy is super at teaching tips to help improve your LinkedIn profile. The content suggestion info is great to help generate more engagement for LinkedIn. My profile strength has also improved and I have been appearing in many more searches on LinkedIn.

    Stephen O., Producer & Musician, LinkedIn EMEA Headquarters
  • I am already very happy with the result! I have now acquired several leads from LinkedIn and three actual customers. Mandy has helped me to optimize my profile with the right keywords, and I am now easy to find for my target group, amazing!

    Merle F., Founder & Interview Coach,
  • I really found this masterclass helpful! Mandy explains everything very clearly and shows useful examples. After the masterclass, you can implement the steps right away at your own pace. I also found the E-book very comprehensive and nice designed with step-by-step lessons which makes it easy to use!

    Iris van der S., Coach, Self-Employed
  • I’ve seen a huge increase in my Linkedin statistics! My profile is found more, by the right people, my posts are more ‘successful’ and overall Linkedin has become more fun.

    Linda Van E., Founder & Launch Expert, Vitamine L
  • Having just finished Mandy’s one-day Linkedin Strategy Intensive, it was clear that there was still a lot more for me to learn. She came very prepared and had tailored various parts of her approach to the key questions that were on my mind. […] If you’re looking for a Linkedin coach, I can strongly recommend Mandy.

    Alain T., Founder & CEO, Customerfit
  • The “5 Things I’ve Gained Since Working Abroad after Studies” went viral with 1000+ likes within 24 hours and 20.000+ views within 48 hours! The power of statistics. Mandy inspires people and definitely knows what she’s talking about. Because of her, I found myself a new way to share my experiences and connect with people from all over the world.

    Sade F., Trainee Clinical Informatics, Maasstad Ziekenhuis
  • I was provided a lot of insights that dramatically increased my visibility on Linkedin. […] She gave me a lot of Linkedin tips that can take my business to another level. I can’t wait to see my transformation within the next 30 days.

    Harleny V., Interview Coach, YourEvolvedMind
  • I’ve worked with Mandy on a number of online projects [..] We’ve been getting great results and she helped us grow our email list with 250+ high-quality leads within one week and gain three new clients only one week after. LinkedIn™ is a wildly powerful platform with massive potential for online business owners like myself.

    Nathan M., COO, The Remote Trip
  • Mandy always goes above and beyond with her work, she is creative, detail oriented and has a high knowledge of website design, SEO and digital advertising at LinkedIn. If you want to increase your company’s brand awareness and get the right quality leads for your business, Mandy will set you up for success.

    Maria Cristina F., Key Account Director, Google
  • I’ve had three recruiters reaching out to me with job opportunities within the first week after Mandy helped me with my LinkedIn profile – I had none prior that!

    James D., Financial Manager, TPG Global
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